Steps to Sign Up

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Registration is closed however, you do have other options and resources:

1. Retake the Math Placement Exam

2. Take your pre-calculus course at NJIT or Community College (consult with an academic advisor for more detials and course options)


Application and Registration

All students interested in participating in the Pre-Calculus Summer Boot Camp should fill out the Intern Form below. All updates and important details will be emailed out to the email address provided through the survey. 

Students will be manually registered for the class so there is no need to attempt to register for the course on your own. 



To be eligible for this program you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an incoming first-time-full-time freshmen student at NJIT
  2. Be accepted for the Fall term directly following the summer program
  3. Have taken the Mathematics Placement Exam
  4. Be placed in either Math 108 or Math 110
  5. Be excited to learn and have fun!

Mathematics Placement Exam

It is important to take the placement exam as soon as possible so you know what level of math you are ready for at NJIT. If you have not yet taken this exam, please click here to learn more about how to set up an examination time.


Online Intent Form

Click here to fill out your intent form to secure your spot in the Pre-Calculus Summer Boot Camp. Seats fill up quick! If you have any questions or technical issues filling out the form please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.


Looking for the Summer Academic Enrichment Program? The Educational Opportunity Program at NJIT offers a separate summer program for incoming freshmen, if you are interested in more information please contact the EOP Office at NJIT.