Program Benefits

Photo of NJIT campus


We have found that student who are serious about their academics and consistently attend study hall hours for supplemental instruction do better in their Math class. We also spend some time during the first few weeks discussing things like time management, test anxiety and procrastination coping skills, effective study habits, campus resources and how to transition to college life successfully.

You get all of those benefits plus:

  • Prepare for Calculus and STEM courses at NJIT
  • Acclimate to campus and college life
  • Connect with your peers and make friends
  • Be surrounded by a community of like-minded people


Of course we hope you will have high expectations of our staffs and program and we hope you communicate those with us throughout your experience so we can best meet your needs. However, we also have some expectations of our students:

  • Be engaged and excited to learn
  • Stay focused and try your hardest- even when things get tough
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Be on time and be prepared
  • Participate in the activities and projects offered
  • Have fun and make friends


When asked what they thought of the program and if it helped them in any way be more prepared for NJIT, here is what some students had to say:

It did help me prepare since I got to know the layout of NJIT and curriculum

I am prepared in the sense I know how difficult the courses will be in comparison to high school

Yes I was very happy taking this program. It introduced me to the school at a slower pace, and I feel a lot more prepared for the fall semester

It should be a little difficult at times but I will be capable of succeeding

I expect to work hard in my first semester, I think this helped me change my work ethic to fit college better

I expect success because I’ll be more prepared

I have a general idea of what it will be like during the fall, and I feel like it has done a decent job of preparing me

Yes it allowed me to use my time more effectively in college

I found it to be very useful because it allowed me a better opportunity to get extra help

It helped me transition to college life

Yes, I was able to look around NJIT and get to know campus resources


Snapshots of Previous Boot Camps:

Loco Robo student activities

Students in Math 110 learning basic concepts of modern Drone technology with the help of LocoRobo. 

Math 110 Students learning to code with Loco Robo

Math 110 students learning to apply math and coding skills with our LocoRobo program partners.

Math 110 students testing their math, coding and robotics skills

Students conceptualizing how robotic technology, coding and mathematics can come together to create smart technology capable of navigating obstacles autonomously.