Program Information

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SOAR Spring Admission Criteria

As a condition for admission to NJIT, you will be required to attend a community college of your choice (we will also accept credits from a 4-year institution) as a registered non-matriculated student for the Fall semester, enroll in at least 9 – 12 credits (3 or 4 courses), and obtain a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher (C+ or higher).  Please click here to see a list of approved courses you should register for at your community college that are transferrable to NJIT. 

You MUST take the math placement exam at your community college and enroll in a math course during your Fall semester.  It is also highly recommended that you enroll in an entry level English or Humanities class during your Fall semester at community college.  We will transfer courses for which you have earned a C or better and are applicable to an NJIT major.

SOAR was created to offer you the tools and resources you need to ensure a successful transition from high school to college.  To support and assist you towards that success, you will be mandated to participate in 5 hours a week of Supplemental Instruction/Tutoring during your Spring 2019 semester.

Spring Course Registration

New Student Orientation at NJIT will host a Spring 2019 Orientation, where all students admitted for the Spring 2019 semester will be invited to attend and to register for their courses.  Please note that NJIT must receive (on or before Orientation) an official copy of your Fall 2018 semester transcript in order to confirm you've met your conditions for admission (stated above).  If NJIT does not receive an official copy of your Fall 2018 transcript, you will be unable to register for your Spring 2019 courses.