There are only two protected classes of university employees who can completely honor a student’s request for confidentiality:

  1. Licensed Healthcare Providers (only report if granted permission to do so) Staff members who work in an office such as health or counseling but are NOT licensed health care workers MUST report the information to their supervisor for further follow-up.
  2. Clergy (only report if granted permission to do so)

NOTE: Employees (without exception as above) should make every effort to ensure that before the student reveals information that he or she may wish to keep confidential, the student understands the employee’s reporting obligation and the student’s option to request that the university maintain confidentiality.

Important Reminders

  • Do NOT mediate any type of sexual harassment or sexual violence complaint.
  • Do NOT promise a certain outcome.
  • Do NOT investigate sexual harassment or violence allegations.
  • Maintain STRICT confidentiality beyond reporting to Title IX Coordinator and/or DeputyCoordinator.