NJIT Title IX Obligations

The university is required to:

  • Have a Title IX Coordinator.
  • Take immediate, appropriate action to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred once we know or reasonably should know about possible sexual harassment/sexual violence.
  • Take prompt and effective steps to end the sexual harassment/ sexual violence and prevent its recurrence.
  • Protect the complainant, including taking interim steps prior to the final outcome of the investigation.
  • Notify both parties of the outcome of the complaint.

Responsible Employees

If you are required to report other misconduct that violated school policy, you are considered a responsible employee obligated to report incidents of sexual violence that violate university policy. If a student can reasonably assume or believe you are a responsible employee, you are a responsible employee.

Duties of Responsible Employees

Responsible employees have the initial obligation to report incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinators.

All relevant details about the alleged sexual violence incident that the student or another person has shared with the university employee must be reported. This includes the names of the alleged perpetrator (if known), the student who experienced the alleged sexual violence, other students involved in the alleged sexual violence, as well as relevant facts, including the date, time and location.

What Should You Report?

Any observed, experienced or known sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and/or sexual violence involving any member of our university community, must be reported.

It does not matter if the incident occurred on campus, off campus or on Spring Break outside of the United States. If the situation occurred while a student is pursuing his/her education at NJIT, we want to know about it.

Moreover, it does not matter if the incident occurred yesterday, last week or two years ago. We still want to hear from you.

Why Should You Report?

Reporting ensures that information regarding resources, reporting options and student rights is provided to the victim.

Even if you are not a responsible employee, it is important to report any possible violation of Title IX.