Additional Tutoring Centers


  • Be Motivated!  Go to class and keep up with your work.

  • Be an Active Learner!  Don't just sit and listen but ask questions and continually do practice problems.

  • Prepare for your Tutoring Session!  Go to class, review your notes, do your homework, have questions ready.

  • Bring your assignments and syllabus with you.  Know the due dates for your work.

  • Present your assignment sheet to your tutor so they know what you are working on.

  • Tell your tutor if you have already worked with a previous tutor on the same assignment.

  • Ask what you can do at home to improve your skills.

  • Ask your tutor about other tutoring services available on campus.

  • Seek help from your professors and TA's.

  • Tutoring is a semester-long commitment so use it consistently.