What You Need to Know

Writing Center FAQ:

The NJIT Writing Center is here to help with your written assignments as well as class presentations.  We can work with you on your writing, from beginning to end.  This includes:

Generating Ideas
Developing Arguments
Working Through Drafts
Revising Effectively
Reading Comprehension
Oral Presentations & PowerPoints
Personal Statements and Project Proposals and Resume Review

Where are you located?   Central King Building G17

What are the hours?   We’re open from 10-7 Monday through Thursday, and 11:30-4 on Fridays.   Sessions are 40 minutes long, and there are two in each class period.

Does it cost anything?    No, our services are absolutely free.

How do I get an appointment?   Your best bet is to sign up at https://njit.mywconline.com -- it’s fairly straightforward, but we’ve happy to help you create an account and sign up, if you stop by.

Walk-ins will be seen if openings are available – early in the semester it will be easy to get appointments, but by mid-semester, we start to fill up, so plan ahead – up to 3 or 4 days.

You can visit us on the web at http://humanities.njit.edu/writingcenter or you can Google NJIT Writing Center and it will take you to us.  You’re also welcome to stop by and see the Director, Catherine Siemann, Mondays through Thursdays.

Does my professor send me, or do I come in on my own? Some professors require everyone in the class to visit; others may refer you specifically.  However, many of our appointments are with students who come in on their own.

What if I can’t get an appointment? Let us know!  There is a waiting list function on WCOnline that can email or text if you if there’s a cancellation; we can show you how. Or you can try stopping by; sometimes we have unexpected openings.  The further ahead you schedule, the better your options.

Who works here?  Many of our Writing Consultants teach Humanities and other classes at NJIT.  We also have grad students and instructors from other area institutions like Rutgers-Newark, Columbia and Fordham.  Our Peer Tutors are students from the Honors College who have trained with our Writing Consultants to work with you.

My professor works at the Writing Center.  Can I make an appointment with her or him?  No, you cannot. Choose someone else; the Writing Center is here to give you a second opinion.  You can see your professor during office hours or make an appointment.

Can I see the same Writing Consultant every week?   Yes.  We have ongoing appointments, if you want to work with the same consultant at the same time each week.  If you can’t make it that week, you need to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, so that another student can get the slot.

What if I have an appointment and need to cancel? Let us know as soon as you can, so that another student can have your appointment.  You can cancel your own appointment online up to two hours before; after that time, the system considers it a no-show.  Email Catherine Siemann at siemann@njit.edu if you are having a problem.  Two no-shows means you will not be able to schedule an appointment online for the remainder of the semester.

If you think you need to cancel because the paper isn’t finished, come in anyway -- that's one of the most productive times to work with us!

Is it just for my HUM101 and HUM102 classes?   Absolutely not.  We can also help with papers and lab reports in your science and engineering classes, business or art and design classes, and any level Humanities or History class (including Technical Writing and your Senior Seminars).   We work with graduate students, too. 

Can you proofread my paper?  We can review your paper with you and help you to focus on clarity of argument and language, organization, and yes, grammar.  We can’t and don’t just correct your paper for you – we work with you on these issues.

  • We don’t write the paper for you
  • We don’t proofread or correct your paper for you
  • We don’t guarantee that your grades will improve without your own dedication and continued effort

Does my paper need to be finished for me to bring it in?  No.  Brainstorming ideas, working with half-written drafts, and revisions are all useful times to come in!

What should I do to prepare for my appointment? 

  • Think about what you want to accomplish during the session, including specific goals
  • Be on time for your session
  • Bring the prompt and any instructions from your professor when you are working on a class assignment
  • Bring two hard copies of any writing you wish to work on during your session; you may bring your laptop with your assignment, but a printout is preferable.
  • If you're writing about an essay or a book, please bring your copy!

What about resumes?   You should start with Career Services, we do work with you on resumes, job letters, statements applying for grants, fellowships or graduate school, etc.

I can’t write.  Or I hate it.  Or I’d really like to be good, but I’m not.  Anyone can write well; you just need to find the right approach for you.  Come in early in your assignment, when we can help you get off to a good start.

I’m a good writer, so I don’t need the Writing Center!  While that’s up to you (and possibly your professor), we can help you turn good writing into great writing.  If you want to make your work the best it can be, why not give us a try?