On-Campus Interviewing Information

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) provides employers with the opportunity to interview graduating students, recent alumni, and co-op/intern candidates right here on campus. Our on-line system, CDSlink, is powered by NACElink and allows recruiters to reserve OCI dates, review candidates, and make selections online.

Participate in On-Campus Interviewing ( OCI ) at NJIT

    With over 11,000 diverse students in STEM, Business, and Design disciplines, NJIT is one of the nation’s leading public polytechnic universities and your best source for building a talent pipeline. OCI allows you to receive applications from qualified candidates, pre-select only those you are interested in, and conduct first-round interviews all in one day in a convenient location for students. 
    Participate with 3 Simple Steps: 1 - Select your interview date. 2 - Post your position and indicate required qualifications. 3 - Review resumes of candidates and make selections. Our office will handle the rest, including the scheduling of candidates and logistics for your day.
    OCI is a great way to build your visibility and employer brand on campus with students, faculty, and staff.  Compared to a standard job posting, participation in the OCI program results in a significantly stronger response from our students and recent graduates.
    We appreciate your support of our students and alumni and are happy to offer OCI free of charge.

Schedule an On-Campus Interview Date

The OCI interviewing process typically takes four weeks lead time from the initiation of your position posting to the interview day. We can accommodate employers who are trying to fill an opening quickly by modifying our standard timeframe and offering customized solutions to your recruiting needs. All steps between the initial request and the campus interview are completed via our CDSlink system.

  1. Establish an account in our CDSlink system. 

  2. Request your preferred OCI dates under the “On-campus Interviewing” tab.

  3. Once the interview date is approved, please attach the positions you are interviewing for through CDSlink.

  4. As soon as the positions are approved and posted, you will receive a confirmation email with the full details of your OCI visit.

  5. Students will have until the resume submission deadline to submit their resumes.

  6. Two weeks prior to your OCI date, you will receive an email with resumes to review. 

  7. One week prior to your OCI date, select the candidates whom you would like to interview along with alternate candidates through CDSlink.

  8. Our office will handle the scheduling of candidates and provide you with the completed schedule and details prior to your interview day.

Interview Schedule Options
Interviews are typically conducted in 30 minute sessions, starting at 9:00 AM, which allows employers to interview a maximum of 12 students. Other options include 15, 45, and 60 minute sessions. Varied start and end times can be arranged as needed. 

Video Interview Room
Unable to make it to campus for interviews? No problem, interview remotely via our video interview room. Please follow the same OCI request procedure as outlined above. When you get to the Location section of the request please select "Fenster Hall 2nd Floor- Video Interviews." The job posting and student scheduling process will be the same as a traditional on-campus interview. 

Interview dates cannot be honored unless all job descriptions are received and candidates are selected by the stated deadlines. If these deadlines are missed, you may be asked to change the date of your on-campus interviewing date.

Hotel Accommodations
View a list of location hotels near campus for overnight accommodations. Please make reservations directly with the accommodation of your choice.

The Interview Day

If you have any questions please contact Casey Hennessey at chenness@njit.edu or 973.596.3219.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are another way for you to brand your organization on campus and build your applicant pool. Companies will often schedule information sessions several weeks before an OCI date or the evening before the OCI interviews. Request your information session through CDSlink under “Events.” If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Young at pyoung@njit.edu or 973.596.3246.