Internet engineering is an international community of network designers, operators, vendors and researchers whose purpose is to coordinate the operation, management and evolution of the Internet and to resolve short- and mid-range protocol and architectural issues.





Related Career Titles for Internet Engineering Majors

Application Developer

ASP Programmer

Business Analyst

Data Analyst

Database Manager

Database Programmer

Design Engineer

E-commerce Manager

Gaming Expert

Graphic Artist

Help Desk Analyst

Information Architect

IT Director

Intranet Programmer

Managing Consultant

Marketing Specialist


Network Engineer

Product Manager

Production Artist

Programmer Analyst


Software Engineer

Solution Designer

SQL Data-Mining Expert

Systems Administrator

Systems Engineer

Technical Business Analyst

Voice Communication Engineer

Web Designer

Web Developer

Web Engineer

Web Master




Industries That Hire Internet Engineer Majors

Advertising Agencies

Air Traffic Control


Communication Services

Computer and Electronic Products Companies

Computer Systems Design/Computer Consulting

Consulting Services

Engineering Firms

Federal Government

Financial Services Technology Companies

Graphic Processor Technology Companies

 Human Resources Departments

Internet-based Companies

Internet Service Companies

Multimedia Communication

Printing Services

State and Local Government

Legal Services

Social Services

Telephone Companies

Television and Newspapers

Transportation Services




Web Sites for Internet Engineering Majors




IESG - The Internet Engineering Steering Group


IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force




Internet Society (ISOC)



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