A surveyor is a professional person with the academic qualifications and technical expertise to practice the science of measurement; to assemble and assess land and geographic related information; to use that information for the purpose of planning and implementing the efficient administration of the land, the sea and structures thereon; and to instigate the advancement and development of such practices.





Related Career Titles for Surveying Engineering Technology

Government Surveyors

Engineering Consultants

Private Surveyor

Land Surveyor

Survey Crew Chief

Mapping Technician

Zoning Plans Examiner

Software Consultant

Survey Technician

Survey Engineer

Instrument Operator

Field Surveyor

Survey Computers

GPS Survey Technician

Project Surveyor

Project Manager

Military Official

 CAD Technician

Survey Party Chief

Topographic Surveyor

Surveying Manager

Technical Writer

Customer Service Representative

Non-technical Sales

Manager of Information Systems

Management Trainee

Technical Educator or Trainer

College and University Professor

High School Teacher

Public Accountant

Private Accountant


High School Teachers

College and University Professor




Industries That Hire Surveying Engineering Technology Majors

Building, Developing, & General Contracting Services

Communication Services

Consulting Services

Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component Manufacturing.

Engineering Services

Federal Government

State and Local Governments


Petroleum & Coal Product Manufacturers

Military Services

Real Estate

Scientific Research & Development Services.

Transportation Services

Transportation Equipment

 Ocean and Marine Sciences

Consulting Companies

Waste Management Services

Computer Companies

Mapping Services

Construction Companies

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

High Schools

Colleges and Universities



Wood Products

Environmental Services






Web Sites For Surveying Engineering Technology Majors




Land Surveyor Reference Page


The Technology Interface


NICET Online: National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies


The American Society of Engineering Technology



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