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A co-op work assignment is always related to your major and is always a paid experience.  Students who successfully complete a co-op work experience can earn three academic credits for each one.  Co-op assignments coincide with a semester or the summer.  Each degree program at NJIT has a designated faculty co-op advisor who oversees the students within each major to ensure the quality of learning.  Co-op positions are reviewed by Career Development Services to insure that the jobs meet quality standards.


Internships provide a learning experience that may or may not be related to your major and may vary in length. They most often coincide with a semester or the summer. Internship assignments may be paid or unpaid and college credit may or may not be given. There is no formal faculty involvement in an internship as there is in a co-op. However, student interns may choose to consult a faculty member for advice and perspective on the work assignment.