Industrial Design

    Industrial designers look for innovative and better ways to create and improve things, linking knowledge about technology and visual arts with knowledge of people.  It is the profession that determines the form of a manufactured product, shaping it to fit the people who use it and the industrial processes that produce it.  This creative activity adds both value and humanity to objects, processes, services and systems.

Related Career Titles

Industrial Designer

Multimedia Designer

Product Designer/Developer

Interface Designer/Developer

Exhibit Designer

Toy and Playground Equipment Designer

Equipment Designer

Business Developer

Electronic Product Designer

Furniture Designer

Retail/Sales Designer

Transportation Designer

Sporting Equipment and Apparel Designer

Point of Purchase and Package Designer

Manufacturing Process Designer

Information Communication Designer




Industries That Hire Industrial Design Majors

  • Architecture firms/Architectural services
  • Design firms
  • Multi-disciplinary design firms
  • Entertainment industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Consumer products and pharmaceutical industry
  • Museums
  • Military service
  • Engineering firms
  • Scientific Research and Development Services
  • Healthcare & Social Assistance
  • Product Design Firms
  • Product Manufacturers

*Industrial Design is excellent training for someone who might want to get into patent law by pursing a J.D. degree and is also good for the pursuit of the MBA degree.

Web Sites for Industrial Design Majors

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Society of Plastic Industries 

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