Options for Advanced Academic Achievement

NJIT's Dual Enrollment Partnership Program

The Options for Advanced Academic Achievement program provides an opportunity for qualified high school students from partner schools to earn college-credits at their school during the academic year. These courses are taught by high school teachers who have been certified by NJIT as adjunct faculty members in the related NJIT departments. They teach college-credit courses as part of their regular responsibilities at their school. NJIT offers flexibility in program delivery. Qualified instructors can teach on site at one or several locations in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting. Other nontraditional modes of delivery will be considered. Junior and senior high school students with an overall average of “B” or better, which includes course prerequisites, are eligible to enroll in these college-credit courses. 

College Credit Courses

The number and level of college-credit courses offered depends on the academic preparation of the students, the availability of qualified faculty at the high school, and access to specialized equipment and facilities (for example, computers and laboratories). The course syllabus, textbook, requirements and credit value are the same as those on the NJIT campus. College credits earned through this program are listed on an NJIT transcript and may be applied toward an undergraduate degree at NJIT and other colleges or universities as per their policies. Students should consult the universities they plan to attend to determine the applicability of specific courses to their program(s) of study.

Courses that are available for participating high schools include but are not limited to:

Calculus I - (MATH 111 - 4 credits)

Calculus II - (MATH112 - 4 credits)

Engineering Graphics and Introduction to CAD - (MET 103 - 2 credits)

English: Writing, Speaking, Thinking - (HUM 101 - 3 credits)

Fundamentals of Engineering Design - (FED 101 - 2 credits)

General Chemistry I & Lab - (CHEM 125/125A - 4 credits)

General Chemistry II & Lab - (CHEM 126/126A - 4 credits)

Industrial Organization & Management - (MGMT 190 - 3 credits)

Introduction to Information Technology - (IT 101 - 3 credits)

Macroeconomics - (ECON 266 - 3 credits)

Physics I & Lab - (PHYS 111/111A - 4 credits)

Physics II & Lab - (PHYS121/121A - 4 credits)

Roadmap to Computing - (CS 100 - 3 credits)

Other courses are possible if a teacher is available with the appropriate credentials for teaching the subject and the course is offered by NJIT. All course descriptions are available at njit.edu. The tuition is $150.00 per credit.

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