Information for Student Athletes

TLC is a student resource within NJIT's Student Services Division. We provide academic support services and activities to enhance students' academic and personal development. TLC works together with academic and administrative departments to help students develop the necessary analytical and problem-solving skills to become independent learners. Central to the mission of Intercollegiate Athletics is the opportunity for student-athletes to pursue excellence in developing personal and academic skills in addition to athletic skills.

Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes in The Learning Center serve student-athletes in a variety of capacities on a daily basis throughout the year. Athletic Academic Advisors work diligently to ensure that all student-athletes receive the assistance necessary to succeed in the classroom. 

Academic Advising

Each semester, student-athletes meet with an Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes to discuss major selection and degree completion as well as schedule courses for the upcoming semester. This process requires a partnership between the advisor and the student-athlete to ensure student-athletes continually make timely progress toward graduation.

Academic Awards

Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes nominate student-athletes on their respective teams for a variety of academic awards.

Academic Counseling

Through weekly or bi-monthly meetings, Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes provide academic counseling to student-athletes. Academic counseling includes, but is not limited to, discussion of academic progress (including recent assignments, projects, and exams), upcoming academic work, evaluation of study skills, and preparedness for travel. Advisors also assist in helping new student-athletes make the transition from high school to college while adjusting to and handling the demands of a stressful academic and athletic schedule.

Academic Monitoring

Through various forms of communication with professors, including telephone calls, emails, and grade reports, Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes monitor the grades and academic progress of student-athletes on their respective teams.

Academic Success Workshops

TLC conducts academic success workshops and seminars during the Fall and Spring semesters.  These workshops focus on strategies to improve students' study skills, test preparation and time management capabilities. Trained TLC staff members facilitate these seminars which are open to all NJIT students. 

Career Development

Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes assist student-athletes in preparing for future careers. Through academic advising, weekly meetings, and general conversations, Advisors help student-athletes match desired careers with majors and refer student-athletes to other campus resources such as Career Development Services to assist in preparing for life after college. For specific information, please see the Career Development web page.

Disability Services

Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes work closely with Student Disability Services (Fenster Hall Room 260) to coordinate academic programs for those student-athletes who may need this additional support.

Study Hall

Student-athletes, at certain points in their academic careers, are required to participate in the study hall program. Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes proactively monitor student-athletes in the study hall program. Study hall is designed to provide student-athletes with an avenue to study in a learning-centered environment. Study hall takes place in the center where student-athletes can utilize computers, study carrels, and tutoring services if necessary.

Travel Letters

Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes ensure that student-athletes receive and provide professors with a travel letter at the start of each semester and then 1-2 weeks before each competition. Providing faculty with a travel letter at the beginning of the semester allows for each student-athlete to engage in a conversation with his or her professors about travel dates that may conflict with exams, assignments, or other course requirements. Travel letters assist student-athletes in developing reliable communication with faculty regarding one’s participation in athletics. Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes follow up with faculty as needed regarding student-athlete travel or other extenuating circumstances.

Tutoring Program

The Assistant Director of The Learning Center also serves as the coordinator of the tutoring program.  The tutoring program is extremely active in helping provide student-athletes with additional academic assistance as needed. Successful undergraduate students and graduate students serve as tutors in a variety of academic subjects ranging from Math, Computer Science to Chemistry and Physics. Tutor sessions are scheduled throughout the day and early evenings.  Most often, student-athletes meet with tutors in one-on-one meetings, but at times, student-athletes may meet with tutors in small group settings. Tutor sessions serve as additional explanation of course material, not as a supplement for class attendance.

Weekly Meetings

Academic Advisors for Student-Athletes meet weekly with freshmen and transfer student-athletes as well as those student-athletes deemed “at risk” to discuss academic progress (including recent assignments, projects, and exams), upcoming academic work, evaluation of study skills, and preparedness for travel. In addition, Advisors keep constant communication with all student-athletes on their respective teams.