As a public polytechnic research university, NJIT is committed to education, research, economic development and engagement while contributing solutions for the grand challenge we face today. Our core values in civility, social responsibility, diversity and sustainability guide us in our commitment to fulfilling our mission. At NJIT we develop responsibly and respect the needs of the future generations.

The 2025 Strategic Plan establishes a framework for the campus community on how we are integrating sustainability into our mission. NJIT aims at making sustainability an institutional learning goal and ensuring our students graduate as global citizens.

Currently, we are seeking collaborators across our community to achieve the goals established in our strategic plan.

NJIT is Running on Renewable Energy

As a university committed to sustainability, NJIT is taking strides to reduce its carbon footprint. NJIT’s recent partnership with  ENGIE North America has brought us one step closer to this goal. Currently 100% of the university's energy is obtained from a portfolio of hydropower facilities located along the North Carolina Tennessee border. [Read More]

Explore Sustainability at NJIT


NJIT aims to integrate sustainability into our community’s  daily life & the first way to do that is by recycling.

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Sustainability Subcommittee

The sustainability subcommittee under the University Senate consists of students, staff, & faculty who promote sustainability and work to implement sustainability policies and other recommendations brought by the NJIT community.

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Sustainability Stories

NJIT’s newspaper - The Vector - has covered the topic of sustainability at NJIT over the years. 

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Living Laboratory Campus

Various Departments at NJIT are currently working towards making the university’s campus a living lab, where students have the opportunity to research and provide solutions to tackle the sustainability challenges on campus. 

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Urban Ecology Lab

The UEL is a research lab at NJIT that takes campus environmental initiatives & does course based research.

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NJIT is becoming a leading institute in practicing sustainability thanks to the vast research dedicated to it. Sustainability and environment is one of the 5 research clusters at NJIT.

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Things You Can Do

NJIT is more determined than ever to transform into an eco-friendly campus, and achieving this objective necessitates a collective endeavor involving all members of the NJIT community. Discover ways you can contribute to the university's journey towards a sustainable future.

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NJIT has begun tracking, managing, and sharing its sustainability efforts through the The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System

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Get Involved

NJIT Green


NJIT Green is a student-led initiative to bring sustainability to NJIT. The team behind the movement is working to build relationships between students, faculty and staff to promote green choices and practices on an institutional scale.

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
AWWA Student Chapter at NJIT works closely with the civil engineering department to help members broaden their knowledge in the water industry (water supply, distribution, and quality). Members volunteer at nearby parks or streams, visit water and wastewater treatment plants & hosts events dedicated to bringing environmental awareness.

NJIT Solar Car Team

The NJIT Solar Car Team is a student-run organization which seeks to provide undergraduate and graduate students of all majors in all departments with real-world experience in systems engineering.The team  emphasizes sustainable energy, taking initiative, and the development of technical and soft skills in engineering, research, design, and business




Sustainability Badges

NJIT earned recognition for its commitment towards carbon neutrality and integration of sustainability on campus.