Requisites for Global Careers

Global Leadership Career

Requisite skills and competencies are needed to compete in the global arena - whether for a public service or private sector career.  Michael Emery, Director, Division for Human Resources of the U.N. Population Fund, presented excellent information below about careers at the United Nations and skills sought by U.N. agencies.

  • Leadership Skills are Key
    Many organizations will not select you for an interview unless you exhibit a leadership role on your resume.
  • Networking Expertise
    The ability to build information-sharing networks, even as a student is required.  This will not only help you get your dream job, but also lays the foundation for career success.
  • Change Agent/Innovator
    Question yourself- how do I initiate change?  What is my impact on people in challenging situations?  Can I generate new ideas?
  • Courage
    Ask yourself -  What are my opinions on controversial issues?  Based on research and facts, can I discuss those opinions with conviction?
  • Humility
    Having a clear sense of self in relation to others is a a competency needed to ensure that you have the trait of unselfishness, important to the work of serving others.
  • Knowledge of Self
    What will make you happy in a job? Know your values and be able to articulate and be clear on how they relate to a potential job.
  • Awareness of your Emotional Intelligence (EI)
    Be aware of how you will use your EI to guide your thinking and behavior in a variety of environments?  Your emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Global Cultural Competence
    Familiarity with and exposure to cultures different from your own is a primary skill.


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    Going Global:  a resource for world-wide job openings and internships by industry, and country-specific career and employment information
  • NJIT’s Van Houten Library
    Many databases to explore—Start with Business Source Premier for extensive info on markets, industries, and companies. See the reference librarian for help!
    Career opportunities in global health, humanitarian aid, and International development