Sustainable Development Concepts for Brownfield Sites

The EPA defines sustainable development as redevelopment and growth that are maintained over the long-term and occur within the limits of the environment so that the current needs of the citizens are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  The EPA identified the following key elements associated with sustainable Brownfields redevelopment:
  • Community Profiling - Sets the foundation for all community decisions and future growth.
  • Comprehensive Community Planning - Involves, integrates, and commits community participants and stakeholders to common vision and goals.
  • Organizational Focus and Structure - Integrates the program into the political and administrative workings of local government.
  • Site Identification and Characterization - Reduces the risks which influence remediation, financing, marketing, redevelopment, and regulatory strategies.
  • Risk Management and Restoration - Addresses the fears and misconceptions associated with redevelopment by clarifying uncertainties and balancing benefits with costs.
  • Legal/Regulatory Issues -  Prescribes requirements for property transfer and utilization, as well as liability of owners, operators, lenders, buyers, and municipal government.
  • Site Marketing and Redevelopment - Highlights the importance of balancing economic, social and ecological factors of land use with focus on community needs and future generations.
  • Technology Applications - Increases cost benefits and quality of life as new technologies are identified, developed and integrated.
  • Project Funding and Finance - Provides the fiscal basis to initiate programs/projects and ensure their continued operation until market forces take over.
  • Environmental Justice - Ensures environmental equity, equitable costs and equitable benefits for the community and stakeholders.

Additional information regarding sustainable development concepts for Brownfield sites can be found at EPA’s website.

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