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Stories Tagged with "masonry" from 2005

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This weekend, a team of 40 masonry craftsmen will visit New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) to teach more than 100 architecture students how to build walls using techniques such as plastering, mortaring, and laying and cutting brick. The students, divided into nine teams, will compete in the Masonry Design Build Competition, in which they must build parts of a cultural center. >>
For three days, architecture students at NJIT will abandon their studios to work with skilled masons who will turn their abstract designs into something more concrete: namely, brick walls. During the Masonry Design Build Competition, the students, all of whom attend the New Jersey School of Architecture, will spend April 2-3 working with the masons, and a third day on April 4, displaying their building projects and giving presentations to judges. “Masonry Day is a great example of hands-on higher education,” said Urs Gauchat, dean of the New Jersey School of Architecture. “It helps college students develop a respect for the craftsman's skills and teaches them that their designs and their plans are not an end in themselves.” >>
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