Campus Life at NJIT

Experience NJIT

Think NJIT's campus feels brand-new? You aren't imagining it.

Our campus has doubled in size in the past decade to include new residence halls, a 190,000-square-foot Campus Center and, coming soon, a $102 million Wellness and Events Center. However you choose to spend your spare time at NJIT, we have the facilities to make you feel at home.

Explore NJIT

NJIT is located in Newark, New Jersey's largest city. Newark is also New Jersey's cultural and economic capital, boasting performance spacesprofessional sportsgreat food, and five other nearby colleges. We're also 20 minutes by train to New York City, the greatest city on Earth.  On any given day, you can watch a sporting event (we have 19 Division I teams), challenge friends in the Campus Center’s gaming room or lend a hand in a community cleanup project.

Engage NJIT

NJIT gives you more than a world-class education. It gives you a community. The friends and contacts you'll make at NJIT, whether in one of over 130 student clubs and organizations (not including Greeks), or in dozens of community service projects, will enhance your life and impact your future. The Student Senate administers a wide range of programs through the Student Activities Council and various honor societies.  

Enjoy NJIT

Why not live where you learn? More than 50 percent of freshman students and 25 percent overall live on campus in one of our four, furnished, fully-wired residence halls.

Learn more about what NJIT has to offer or schedule a visit.​