For Students

NJIT research enterprise provides undergraduate and graduate students an outstanding academic and research experience through various externally and internally funded research programs, centers of excellence and collaborative interdisciplinary initiatives.  These programs provide students opportunities to learn necessary and important skills to research and innovate to take a leadership role in the society. As STEM initiative is now appropriately complemented with arts (called as STEAM) to effectively develop an engaging perspective in design and also understanding the socio-economic impact, NJIT encourages interdisciplinary collaborative research and innovation programs with partnerships from external industry and business resources addressing the needs and challenges of the global market.


Undergraduate Research Programs   

Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) programs give students a chance to flourish in various ways. Students learn how to do research, but also how to pick projects that will improve a societal problem and enhance the quality of life for a community of people.  These programs are designed to help students develop the vision to contend with global challenges. More information on the URI website.


Graduate Research Programs

Doctoral and Master’s graduate students are an integral part of NJIT research enterprise. Graduate students work at faculty research laboratories and centers through 19 doctoral and 56 Master’s degree programs. NJIT faculty grants and contracts directly fund graduate students providing outstanding opportunities for basic, applied and translational research and technology development. 


Students may contact Principal Investigators and Directors of research centers and laboratories for exploring the availability of research opportunities in specific areas. Please see Centers and Laboratories website for additional information on research opportunities.


High School STEM Research Programs

NJIT offers excellent opportunities for professional and career development in STEM areas to undergraduate as well high school students through Provost Summer Research and faculty-centered grants and research centers. NJIT is committed to providing opportunities for hands-on research participation for high school students under the guidance of a faculty advisor with close mentoring through NJIT undergraduate and graduate students.

The high school summer research internship program requires a commitment of 6 weeks.  The program is designed to inspire the students to appreciate the value of discovery and innovation with the ultimate objective of encouraging them to pursue a career in science and lifelong learning.  At the end of their internships, students will submit a research report outlining their results and present a poster at the high school internship poster symposium describing their project and outcomes to faculty and their peers. 

The 2018 high school internship program is scheduled for June 25 to August 3.  Application packages are available by March 1 and the submission deadline is due April 6, 2018.

Information about Provost Undergraduate Summer Research program is available on the website. For more information about participation in the High School Summer Research Internship program, please contact Ms. Angela Retino at