Grant Management Guide

Sponsored Research Administration (SRA), as part of the Office of Research, advises and assists faculty and staff members of the NJIT Community in all aspects of externally funded research projects and other scholarly activities — from the identification of a potential sponsor and the preparation of a proposal, through various administrative functions (related to budgets, personnel, sub-contracts, reporting and accountability, and negotiations with the sponsor) during the course of the project, to the submission of the documents required to close out the project.

SRA serves as the primary agency liaison for pending, active and closed research grants/contracts.

PRE-AWARD: Assists NJIT researchers in facilitating and expediting the processing of grant applications to federal, state, and some commercial and private sponsors.  SRA oversees the process of pre-award administration.  Pre-award administration encompasses the oversight of a research proposal from submission through notification of award to the university.

POST-AWARD: SRA ensures that funds provided from external sources to support research and other projects are administered in accordance with University policies as well as those of the sponsor.  External sources include both governmental and private organizations.   Guidance and assistance is also provided for the management of the project in meeting deliverables and other requirements.

CLOSE-OUT: Ensuring that all requirements have been met and final reports/deliverables have been submitted to the sponsor and coordination with Grants and Contracts Services to ensure final invoices are submitted for payment by the sponsor.