Grant Management Software System

Streamlyne is an efficient and streamlined system to be utilized for faster grant application review and submission processing. The providing vendor is Vivantech, a software company based in San Diego, CA.

The primary objective of the implementation of Streamlyne at NJIT is to alleviate the legacy paper processing related to Research Administration Proposal, Awards, and Compliance. A major benefit of adopting Streamlyne is that the framework is designed to work with information about system users (roles and responsibilities) to support workflow. The complete implementation of Streamlyne at NJIT will allow paperless submission and processing of transmittal/approval sheets, conflicts of Interest form, budgets, and research compliance documents for approvals from Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), and Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC). Furthermore, users would be able to see the status of specific research proposal or grant online anytime anywhere for any approval or monitoring task.

Streamlyne is accommodating NJIT’s grant proposal submission and award needs. The implementation is currently being conducted in phases according to the following functional modules:

  1. Pre Award – Creation and routing of proposals, including proposal budgets and submission to
  2. Award- Maintenance of funded projects from award notification to closeout, including hierarchy, time & money and award budget.
  3. Negotiation- Tracking of communication relevant to other Streamlyne documents or stand-alone activities.
  4. Sub Award- Tracking of outgoing sub awards and generating sub award templates.
  5. Conflict Of Interest (COI)- Financial entities submission and maintenance, disclosure preparation and submission.
  6. Internal Review Board (IRB)- Committee Creation, Protocol Preparation and Submission, Protocol Review, Committee Meeting Management and Reporting.
  7. Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)- Committee Creation, Protocol Preparation and Submission, Protocol Review, Committee Meeting Management and Reporting.
  8. Streamlyne -Banner System Integration- Communication method between Streamlyne and Banner for future use of Account Creation and Budget Adjustment.

Current Status

The Pre Award module of Streamlyne is live and the faculty has been actively creating and submitting proposals. The faculty can access the Streamlyne portal via

Username: UCID, Password: The same password to log into NJIT Pipeline

In addition, Vivantech is continuing to support NJIT with weekly training sessions to provide information on how to use the system. As a supplement to the training sessions, faculty members are welcome to navigate through Streamlyne in our test environment.

Username: UCID, Password: Fud1XMMuF4i5

The initial implementation is limited to the pre-award module. Training sessions on other modules will be scheduled sequentially in the future. For those who wish to attend the training sessions, it is suggested that faculty members contact their respective college ambassador (please see contact information below).

Downloadable Streamlyne User Manuals (PDF)

  • Streamlyne New User Manual  - Common Elements
    This manual provides a reference to all the common elements of Streamlyne Research.  This user manual is a good document to review each module’s functionality.   
  • Streamlyne New User Manual -  PD and PD Budget
    This is a user manual on the proposal and budget development in Streamlyne.  The content herein explains the use and functionality of this module.  This is the most useful Streamlyne document for PIs and users new to Streamlyne.


Questions related to training sessions and Streamlyne software should be directed to the college/school representative:

John McCarthy, NCE Director of Research
(973) 596-3247; 

Cristo Leon, CSLA Director of Research
(973) 596-6426; 

Sean Andrews, YWCC Director of Research

Iris Pantoja, CoAD and MTSOM Project Manager

Point of Contact in the Research Office:

Jesus Novoa, Grant Specialist