Funding Resources and Opportunities

Educational support and research grants are awarded by several federal funding agencies, state programs, and foundations.  Information about most recent funding opportunities can be found in the Office of Research Newsletters posted on the funding opportunities webpage. Some of the federal programs and recent grant opportunities are listed below. 

National Science Foundation

The Education and Human Resources (EHR) directorate of the National Science Foundation provides funding for the following goals :

  1. Prepare the next generation of STEM professionals and attract and retain more Americans to STEM careers.
  2. Develop a robust research community that can conduct rigorous research and evaluation that will support excellence in STEM education and that integrates research and education.
  3. Increase the technological, scientific and quantitative literacy of all Americans so that they can exercise responsible citizenship and live productive lives in an increasingly technological society.
  4. Broaden participation (individuals, geographic regions, types of institutions, STEM disciplines)and close achievement gaps in all STEM fields.

Key NSF EHR programs include:

Division of Graduate Education (DGE)

Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL)

Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE)

Additional Funding Opportunities for the DUE Community

Other NSF Programs: