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NJIT is a university moving steadily toward the upper tier of national universities. Princeton Review's Best 361 Colleges praises NJIT for great computer facilities, a safe campus, a diverse student body, and small classes. It also calls NJIT "a leader in the field of technology in the tri-state area" and "an intense academic university that allows students to be prepared for the working world." It specifically notes improved university facilities and athletics.The latest US News and World Report rankings show NJIT has a great deal with which to be proud. New Jersey Institute of Technology is now ranked 125th among national research universities. Only once has NJIT achieved a higher relative rank score and never has the university had a better graduation rate or a more competitive incoming class.According to US News and World Report, NJIT made very significant progress, improving our overall ranking among national research universities from 130 last year to 125 for the current year.    * The graduation rate improved to 55% from 46%;    * The top 25% SAT scores among new students rose to 1260 from 1230;    * Our level of selectivity increased; only 58% of applicants were admitted compared to 65% last year;    * Relative financial resources now place the university among the top 87 schools where we were previously 109th;    * The alumni giving percentage ranks among the top 60 schools in the country    * Relative faculty resources now place NJIT 43rd in the nation.    * The peer assessment ranking recovered most of the loss associated with “merger” rumors and negative publicity from two years ago.The university is continuing to work toward the NJIT Strategic Plan to achieve national prominence. Although the US News Top Tier now includes only 124 schools, rather than the 129 it did last year, it remains the top ranked tier three school. As NJIT continues to move forward, the university intends to firmly establish itself among the nation's top research universities, by any measure. >>
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