Diversity at NJIT

Recruiting and retaining diverse employees is essential to an organization’s success in today’s global marketplace.  In a recent student conducted by Forbes Insights* – 85% of the respondents agree diversity is essential to encouraging innovation and creativity because it introduces new perspectives and ideas.  A diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to driving the creation and execution of new products, services and business processes. 

NJIT’s technological focus prepares a workplace-ready talent pool of graduates who come from many backgrounds & cultures.  Diverse Issues in Higher Education listed NJIT among the nation’s top 100 college and universities for awarding undergraduate degrees to students from underserved groups.

The unique location of NJIT in New Jersey’s largest city, combined with NJIT’s mission to serve our community enhances our talent pipeline that can strengthen your workforce diversity. Becoming a nationally recognized university for attracting high achieving students from diverse national and international populations is among NJIT’s five strategic priorities.

The Middles States Commission on Higher Education Final Report of April 27, 2012 reaccredited NJIT on all fourteen standards. Cited prominently with the report, “The New Jersey Institute of Technology is… providing an admirable service to first-in-family students attending college. The students are excellent, well trained, and graduates are highly successful after leaving the university. NJIT’s success in providing a first-class education and college experience to a diverse student body is enviable.”

NJIT’s considerable investment in the physical plant, growing relationships with the city of Newark and sister institutions in the University Heights district, growth in scholarship and research expenditures has led to a commendable performance in assuring the success of underrepresented women and minority groups, and growth in international students.

Much of NJIT’s success in building a diversity inclusive campus at NJIT is attributed to the university’s nationally recognized Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). For more than four decades, EOP at NJIT has been reaching out to talented young people in groups underrepresented in scientific and technical fields.  It is EOP’s mission to help our students succeed in college so that they can build a better future for themselves and for our nation. This is accomplished through the efforts of dedicated faculty and staff associated with a wide range of complementary programs and services.

Many organizations seek to develop long-standing relationships with diverse student professional associations as a tactic to maintain sustainable talent pipelines. NJIT is home to over 100 student clubs and professional associations.  Career Development Services (CDS) works closely with the majority of student organizations and can assist employers in networking with the student leaders and general membership. Among the many groups we support are the Society of Women Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the National Society of Black Engineers. Explore our professional and student clubs and let us know if you have a special program or offering for these groups.  (Link to List – not ready yet))

Moreover, CDS produces several events at which employers have an opportunity to interact with these diverse student groups.  Email us at cds@njit.edu if you would like to participate in these events.

The competitive recruiting environment for candidates from diverse backgrounds has prompted many employers to create cooperative education programs (link to employer co-op page) to begin early recruitment and training for their full-time entry level positions.  Call us at 973-596-3227 to learn how to establish a co-op program.

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