Important Information to Help You prepare for the Fair

To help you plan your afternoon at the fair, please visit the on-line list with Web addresses of the registered companies. A week before the fair, the on-campus location of each company on the day of the career fair will be posted on the list.

Please take advantage of the Student Workshops available for you including these upcoming workshops that are created specially for the fair: Working a Career Fair, Pre-Career Fair Resume Table, Pre-Career Fair Career Services at Campus Center

We encourage you to have your resume reviewed by a Career Development Services staff member or someone with good grammar and spelling skills prior to October 1st. Bring plenty of copies with you to the career fair.  Employers may request that you post your resume on their web sites. Use your time with recruiters as an opportunity to add to your network.

If you have questions, please stop by Career Development Services in Campbell Hall, 5th Floor, or call 973.596.3100.