Federal Internships

Internships are one of the best ways to obtain work experience in the federal government. They allow you the opportunity to network, and are the best way to learn if the federal government is for you!

Start by conducting research on the different agencies to see which ones match your interests, skills, and abilities. There are plenty of resources to assist you in your search, such as The Pathways Program, www.bestplacestowork.org, www.making the difference.org, and www.usa.gov. The student section of the federal jobs website, www.usajobs.gov, is a primary source of available opportunities. However, not every vacant position is listed here. Your best bet is to review the websites of individual agencies, where all of its specific jobs and internships can be found.

There are full-time and part-time internships available within the different agencies. In certain programs you can even obtain academic credit while interning during the summer or school year.

To apply, follow the instructions on the How to Apply tab on each vacancy announcement. You may be directed to use the USAJobs.gov application process or a similar one designed by the specific agency.