Career Development Services

Planning (by year)



• Make initial selection of major or meet with curricular advisor in CDS

• Begin to consider career fields

• Explore interests, abilities through academics; utilize interests and career inventory tools, including Focus2 ( The access code is NJITCDS ), Strong Interest Inventory, and TypeFocus

• Participate in campus activities and consider volunteering to begin/build your resume

• Talk to individuals already employed about careers related to your interests

• Obtain part time and summer jobs to develop interpersonal skills and work related values

• Get to know faculty, counselors. and administrators

• Begin to attend CDS workshops and career forums

• Join a student professional organization/association

• Familiarize yourself with the career services homepage and other related resources on the Internet:

• Register on CDSlink, the Career Services job postings system

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• Review your self-assessment of interests, skills, abilities, and values

• Explore preliminary careers

• Get information about participating in a cooperative education work experience (co-op)

• Research specific occupations, including educational requirements (ONet, Occupational Outlook Handbook)

• Attend job search workshops to develop your resume and learn interviewing tips

• Have resume critiqued in the Career Services office

• Apply to NJIT’s Cooperative Education Program

• Explore job postings on CDSlink

• Attend Career Fairs to find part time, co-op, or summer job

• Put together an interview outfit

• Use social media such as Linkedin and Facebook to begin networking and marketing your skills and experience

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• Attend CDS workshops and career forums

• Attend Career Fairs to find part time, co-op or summer job

• Use CDSlink and Career Shift to identify internship and co-op jobs

• Participate in an internship, a co-op, or summer job or volunteer experience

• Continue to develop pertinent knowledge and job related competencies-i.e. communication, leadership, organizational, problem solving, social media, team playing, and computer skills.

• Register with CDS for on-campus interviewing opportunities (On Campus Interviewing Program)

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• Attend workshops on resume writing, interviewing and other job search strategies

• Register with and participate in CDS’ On-Campus Interviewing Program ( OCI )

• Upload a revised, professional looking resume to CDSlink for resume referral

• Develop list of contacts and participate in networking opportunities; include social media

• Attend NJIT and other Career Fairs to meet  and network with employers

• Identify skills developed from short term or part time employment

• Learn techniques for articulating your strengths to employers

• Schedule practice interviews for critique of interviewing skills

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