Satisfactory Academic Progress

General Information

To remain eligible for federal, state and institutional financial aid, students must be meeting the standards for academic performance and progress as defined by NJIT’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (hereinafter referenced as SAP).  

NJIT is required by federal and state regulations and institutional policy to determine whether a student is meeting SAP requirements according to the standard of measurements in the QUALITATIVE, QUANTITATIVE, and MAXIMUM TIMEFRAME components. SAP evaluation occurs once a year at the end of the spring semester payment period.

When calculating SAP, the student’s entire academic history must be considered regardless if the student received financial aid or not. This includes Advance Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits (for undergraduates), as well as transfer credits that reflect on the student’s academic transcript as courses that may apply to an NJIT degree.

New students (including first-time transfer students) enrolling for the first time will be considered initially to be meeting SAP.

For more information, please consult the following documents:

  Undergraduate Students - Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

  Graduate Students - Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

  Satisfactory Academic Progress Brochure

  USA Funds Life Skills Student Guide

  Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

Appeal Procedure

If a student fails one or more of the three measures (QUALITATIVE, QUANTITATIVE and MAXIMUM TIME FRAME), the student is not eligible for federal, state, or institutional financial aid, which includes grants, scholarships, work-study and loans.

However, students failing SAP standards who have had mitigating circumstances (i.e., death in the family, illness, involuntary military leave) may request reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility by completing the SAP Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement Form and submitting it to the Financial Aid SAP Appeals Committee, c/o Office of Student Financial Aid Services.  The SAP Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement Form is available at the Moodle Session in the 13-14 SAP Folder. You must download the SAP Appeal form and complete it and upload it to the 14-15 SAP Moodle Session

Please follow these steps to login: 

    • Go to

    • Log in using your UCID and password

    • Click "Yes" to enroll in the session

    • In the session's homepage you will find the Appeal Form Word document. You must download and type in the yellow fields.

    • Once sap appeal form complete, you must upload it in the Moodle section called “Submit Here”.

                1. Please work with your Academic Advisor in choosing from the 4 Academic Plans provided.

                2. If  appeal gets approved, you will be required to meet certain terms and conditions to receive aid in subsequent terms.

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services will send a notification to impacted students and the correspondence will include a copy of the appeal form.

Appeal Deadlines (2014-2015 Academic Year)

Summer Terms

July 14, 2014

Fall Term

August 26, 2014

Spring Term

January 13, 2015