Summer Financial Aid

Helping Students Catch-Up, Stay On-Target and Succeed

Attending summer at NJIT is a great way to boost your GPA for the year, make up credits, make up a class you may have dropped, or just get ahead in your course work. You can even earn extra cash by working a part-time job if you qualify for NJIT's institutional work-study program.

Even if you can't stay on campus, you can still earn credits through online summer courses; all you need is an Internet connection!


Below are some of the summer financial aid resources you may qualify to help defray the costs:

  • Low-interest loans availability (if funds were not utilized during the past academic year or if you have progressed in academic level (i.e., freshman to sophomore, etc.)
  • Federal SEOG Grant
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Private Loans
  • Payment Plans (learn more at ).

How to Apply for Aid

To apply for financial aid for the summer, you must be registered for summer courses and complete and submit an NJIT Financial Aid Request for Summer form by July 16 by clicking the following link:

Freshmen Summer Coursework-Helping Students "Catch-Up"

Attend the summer session to "catch-up" and stay on-target while learning the ropes about financial aid. If you register for a summer remedial course, you are automatically eligible to participate in a free on-line Financial Literacy self-pace course where you will learn the basics about financial aid and budgeting. You will automatically be considered for this Financial Literacy Program after you register for summer.

Freshmen who may benefit in taking Math remedial coursework prior to enrolling in the fall semester, may register for summer depending on your test placement results. For details about your placement results, contact the Center for First Year Students Office at 973-596-2981. To apply for Financial Aid to help offset the cost for the Summer Math course, whether you take it at a county college or at NJIT, you will need to do the following:

After the 2013-2014 FAFSA is filed, you will automatically be considered to receive the following sources of aid, if eligible:

Visiting Students

Students from other institutions (visiting students) are welcome and encouraged to take summer courses at NJIT; if you have Pell and/or loan eligibility remaining from the academic year, please contact your home school's Financial Aid Office and discuss the possibility of attending NJIT and receiving aid via a Consortium Agreement.