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Stories Tagged with "inc" from 2006

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James E. Gunn, PhD, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Astronomy at Princeton University, will discuss "Cosmology: A Fifty-Year Perspective," on Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. in the Guttenberg Information Technologies Center, Rm. 3720/3730 at NJIT. The talk will follow the Amateur Astronomers, Inc. club membership meeting at 8 p.m. >>
Tagged: physics
Supertron Technologies Inc, a leading developer of next-generation cryogenic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) coils and accessories, today announced the acquisition of leading MRI coil manufacturer Spin Systems based in Brisbane, Australia. Supertron is based in the Enterprise Development Center at NJIT. >>
Stan Allen, an internationally recognized architect and dean of the School of Architecture at Princeton University, will speak at the NJSOA Fall Lecture Series on Nov. 13 at 5:45 p.m. at NJIT's New Jersey School of Architecture, Lecture Hall I. The event is free and open to the public. For more information or reservations call 973-596-3080. >>
Agissilaos Athanassoulis of Princeton University will speak on the topic "Homogenization of Wave Propagation with the Use of Nonlinear Phase-Space Densities: The Wigner Transform Method and Generalizations" on Oct. 18 at 3 p.m., Cullimore Lecture Hall, Room 611 >>
The School of Management at NJIT was named an outstanding business school by The Princeton Review. “We're pleased to be commended for the third time this year by The Princeton Review as a notable US institution of higher education,” said Robert A. Altenkirch, PhD, president of NJIT. >>

KUDOS-September 2006

September 01, 2006
NJIT has promoted one faculty member to the rank of distinguished professor, six to the rank of professor and 13 to the rank of associate professor with tenure.


Rajesh Dave
Chemical Engineering


Asokan Anandarajan
Management Lisa Axe
Civil & Environmental Engineering Timothy Chang
Electrical & Computer Engineering Steven I-Jy Chien
Civil & Environmental Engineering Nancy Jackson
Chemistry & Environmental Science Burt Kimmelman


Tara Alvarez
Biomedical Engineering Treena Arinzeh
Biomedical Engineering Maurie Cohen
Chemistry & Environmental Science Christopher Funkhouser
Humanities Chengjun Liu
Computer Science Ronfang (Rachel) Liu
Civil & Environmental Engineering Neil Maher
Federated History David Mendonca
Information Systems Cyrill Muratov
Mathematical Sciences Vincent Oria
Computer Science Marguerite Schneider
Management Darius Sollohub
Architecture Jian Yang
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering >>
Supertron Technologies Inc., a leading developer of next-generation solutions for high-performance preclinical and clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging coils and probes, announced today successfully financing $3.5 million with Amphion Innovations PLC. Supertron is based in the Enterprise Development Center at NJIT. >>
Vincent Naimoli, chairman of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team, was recently appointed to the NJIT Board of Overseers. Naimoli graduated from NJIT in 1962 with a master's degree in mechanical engineering. >>
NJIT will host the third annual math conference to expand the frontiers in applied and computational mathematics on May 15-16, GITC Building, Rm. 3700. The event explores recent advances in the worlds of mathematical biology, mathematical fluid dynamics, nonlinear waves and electromagnetics and applied statistics. Keynote speakers include mathematicians Charles Peskin, PhD, professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU and MacArthur Fellow, and John Hinch, PhD, professor at Cambridge University, England and Fellow of Trinity College and the Royal Society. >>
New Jersey Institute of Technology is the only college or university in New Jersey named this week as one of the nation's best value undergraduate institutions by The Princeton Review. The information appears in a new guide: America's Best Value Colleges. The text profiled 150 public and private colleges with excellent academics, generous financial aid packages and relatively low costs. The Princeton Review chose the colleges based on data the company obtained from administrators at 646 colleges, and its surveys of students attending them. >>
Esther da Costa Meyer, a professor of art and archaeology at Princeton University, will discuss "Redefining Modernism: The Work of Lina Bo Bardi" on Feb. 20 at 5:45 p.m. in the Weston Lecture Hall at NJIT's New Jersey School of Architecture. The lecture is free and open to the public. >>
Richard A. Register, PhD, a professor of chemical engineering at Princeton University, will discuss "Crystallizable Block Copolymers: Directing Crystallization via Polymer Architecture" on Feb. 6, 2:45 p.m., Guttenberg Information Technologies Center, Rm. 3710. Contact: Sharon Pettiford, 973-596-3570. >>
Tagged: seminar
NJIT was named last Friday by The Princeton Review in conjunction with among the top 25 of America's most connected campuses when it comes to offering cutting-edge technology. >>