Winter Session FAQ

Winter Session Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register for a course?

You can register for a Winter Session course October 17 - December 23, 2016.

Are online courses offered?

Yes, courses offered during the Winter Session can be viewed here.

Is attendance required?

Yes, attendance is mandatory, unless otherwise noted by the faculty.

Is there a maximum number of credits I can take in the winter?

Yes. You are allowed to register for one course or up to 4 credits. Students interested in registering for 2 courses must speak with their advisor first. Students should ask their advisor to email the Registrar Office at with student name, ID number, course names, and course approvals.

Can financial aid be utilized during the Winter Session?

Yes, if you are eligible. Please submit the Winter Financial Aid Application to Student Financial Aid Services by December 9, 2016. The Winter Financial Aid Form is available here.

Is there a deferred payment option for Winter Session?

If  you choose to defer your Winter Session bill, it must be paid at the same time your Spring 2017 payment is due. Failure to pay will result in the cancelation of your Spring 2017 courses. For more information about billing, please visit Bursar's website or call (973) 596-2877. 

Is there a specific course in which I must register?

Can I audit a course?

Student who wish to audit a course must state their intention to do so at the time of registration. Change in auditing status is not permitted once a semester has begun. Auditing students are required to pay full tuition and fees for the course. Audited courses are not counted in determining full-time status. Students on probation are not permitted to audit. Please click here for information on tuition and fees. For a Winter Session Academic Calendar, click here.

What happens if I do not attend the class I registered for?

If you do not drop the course before the withdrawal date, you will be charged 100% tuition and fees. Please click here for important dates.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw from a course?

Yes. Students will receive a 100% refund if the course is dropped before January 3, 2017. Please click here for important dates. 

If I withdraw from a class, will a "W" appear on my transcript?

If you withdraw from a class on or before the withdrawal date, you will receive a “W”. Withdrawals after the withdrawal date deadline will receive a grade of "F".  For more information on the withdrawals dates, please refer to the Winter Session Academic Calendar.

May I change courses once a session begins?

Students are not permitted to change courses after Winter Session registration ends.

Where can I get the reading list information/syllabus for my class?

Students can obtain class information by logging on to Moodle, Highlander Pipeline or contacting assigned faculty.

How do I get my grades at the end of the session?

Final grades will be posted on the Highlander Pipeline.

Are the residence halls open?

What courses are being offered?

Please click here for Winter Session courses.

What happens to my GPA when I take a course for the second time?

If I have questions concerning Winter Session, what office should I contact?

If you are a current NJIT student interested in taking classes during the winter, please contact your academic advisor.  If you are a non-matriculated/visiting student, please contact Dimana Neykova, Coordinator of Summer/Winter Enrollment & On-Campus Recruitment Events at the Office of University Admissions at or (973) 596-5224. Please note that all offices on campus will resume normal hours 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

What office should I contact in the case of an emergency during Winter Session?

Public Safety should be contacted in the case of an emergency at 973-596-3111. Please click here for additional information.

Is tutoring available during Winter Session?

Yes, limited tutoring will be available by appointment only beginning January 3, 2017.  You may fill out a request form for a tutor on The Learning Center website at  Please email the form to  You may also stop by the TLC office located at Kupfrian 200, to fill out a form.  Please note, plan your studying – it will take at least 24 hours for your appointment to be scheduled.  If you have any questions, please call 973-596-2992.