5 Steps to a Successful Job Search

Attend to the Basics
  • Identify your skills, abilities, interests, motivations, and values
  • Research career fields related to your interests
  • Draft your resume

Access Resources

  • identify employers who hire people with your skills
  • Register and upload your resume to NJIT's e-recruiting website

Develop a Support Network

  • Network with faculty, alumni, family, friends, and colleagues
  • Use community support services such as job search support groups
  • Ask everyone in your network for information about careers of interest

Develop a Plan

  • Use your research to write effective cover letters
  • Develop a professional employment portfolio
  • Prepare for interviews

Be Persistent/Motivated

  • Stay POSITIVE!
  • Analyze your activities for possible changes.
  • Follow up your initial contacts with employers by telephone or e-mail.
  • Stay in touch with your support group members for encouragement.
  • Take full responsibility for getting the jobs your want and NEVER give up!
  • One more phone call may lead to exactly the job you are looking