Digital Design

    Digital design is an evolving multi-disciplinary field that involves everything from virtual sets created for a game, to the special effects in movies, to the graphic design and production of an  advertising campaign.  It focuses on the communication of messages and experiences and  underlies many of today’s fast growing industries. 


    A digital designer is a creative thinker, an artist, a person comfortable working collaboratively and individually in a technologically rich environment and an entrepreneur observing market trends, exploiting innovation and creating intellectual property. Digital Design is also good training for pursuing the MBA degree.


Related Career Titles for Digital Designers

Web Designer

Graphic Designer

Educational and Game Designer

Exhibit Designer

Information /Communication Designer

Video or Film Production Designer


Special Effects Producer/Director

Virtual Set Designer

Technical Illustrator

Environment Designer (games, movies)

Medical Imaging and Presentation Designer

Sales/Electronic Commerce Manager

Interactive Art Installation Designer


Who Hires Digital Designers

    Digital designers may work as individual entrepreneurs or as members of an entrepreneurial group, within the context of large design firms and/or in multi-disciplinary teams in the context of design or other industry-specific firms.  Digital designers find work in various industries ranging from game production to motion pictures to advertising.  They can work as and with illustrators, videographers and filmmakers, television and commercial producers, graphic designers and online/web marketers.  They can create original research used by others or apply technology in the production of intellectual property.


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Becoming a Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Web, Video, Broadcast, Game and Animation Design, by Steven Heller