Career Development Services Advisory Board

  • Ms. Jennifer Alkiewicz
    Tata Consultancy Services, US Campus Programs Manager, SPHR

  • Ms. Georgia Chouzouri,Ph.D.
    Merck, Senior Specialist Engineer,Pharmaceutical Commercialization Technology

  • Mr. Chris Fitzpatrick
    Enterprise, Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Ms. Maria Valentina Paris
    Universum USA, Associate Director, University Relations

  • Ms. Lizzie Tucker 
    Prudential, Director, Early Talent Acquisition 

  • Mr. Russell Moke
    Johnson & Johnson, JPI Business Enablement Team

  • Ms. Angela M. Parrinello​
    PSEG, Sr. Human Resources Specialist; Campus Relations

  • Ms. Jennifer Nistal 
    Verizon, Mgr-Campus Strategy & University Relations

  • Mr. Richard Target
    United HealthGroup, Director, IT

  • (VACANT)
    ADP, University Specialist

  • Mr. Thomas Zakrzewski
    VP, Head of Architecture and Digital Design

  • Mr. Curt Bashford
    President & CEO

  • Ms. Krupali Zavari
    NJIT - Student Rep

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  • Jo-Ann Raines
    Director Student & Alumni Career Development
  • Vivian Lanzot
    Director Civic Engagement

  • Fritz Alcindor
    IT Consultant
  • Nadyrah Amin
    Community & Public Service Program Manager
  • Christine Cervelli
    Assistant Director Student & Alumni Career Advisement
    Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences and College of Science,Liberal Arts (for last names beginning with M through Z), Mechanical Engineering
  • Dominique Clarke
    Associate Director Student & Alumni Career Advisement
    School of Management, Chemical Engineering, Special Events
    Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences, and College of Science and Liberal Arts (for last names beginning A through L)
  • Angel Cruz
    Head Clerk
  • Jane Gaertner
    Associate Director Employer Relations
  • Gabriela Gutierrez
    Assistant Director Student & Alumni Career Advisement
    Newark College of Engineering - Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Internet Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Transportation Engineering, & Manufacturing Systems Engineering Telecommunications, Engineering Management, Engineering Science, Material Science, Chemistry; OS&H and All Engineering Technology
  • Marcelle Jackson
    Manager CDS Information Systems

    Casey Hennessey
  • Assistant Director Employer Relations
  • Deborah Sims
    Assistant Director Civic Engagement,
    Career Advisement for College of Architecture and Design

  • Denise M. Thomas
    Office Manager
  • Clarice Washington
    Administrative and Customer Support Specialist
  • Patrick Young
    Assistant Director Employer Relations



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Faculty/Staff

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

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  • Where are you located?
  • I am unsure about my choice of major.  Can someone help me?
    • Please view our Curricular Advisement page.
  • What can I do with a major in……?
    • Please view our Curricular Advisement page.
  • Can I get advice on how to plan for my future career?
    • You can speak with a career advisor and also take advantage of self-assessment tools.
      Click here.
  • How do I find out who my career advisor is?
  • How do I set up an appointment to speak with an advisor for careers, or community service?

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  • Do you have walk-in hours?
    • Yes, four days a week. Please view our Contact Us page.
  • Can someone look over my resume?
    • Career advisors are available to review your resume in the CDS Office.  We also have CDS staff in the Campus Center lobby to answer questions and review resumes one evening per week during the semesters.
  • How do I prepare for an interview?
    • CDS has gathered several on line resources to assist students with improving their interviewing skills, including Ace That Interview, which is available on Moodle. Students can practice their interviewing skills by requesting a practice interview with their career advisor, or by signing up for a practice interview with an employer, which occurs once per semester.
  • I’m interested in community service.  What should I do?
  • How do I apply for jobs on CDS’ website (co-op, full time, part time, internship, summer)?
    • CDSlink is the job database created by CDS for NJIT students and alumni. Click here to log in to CDSlink or to open an account.
  • What is co-op?
    • Cooperative Education offers major-related work experience to undergraduate and graduate students before they graduate, during a semester or a summer. Click here for more information.

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  • What is the difference between co-op and an internship?
    • Co-op is always related to a student’s major and is a paid work experience.  Most co-ops grant credit for successful completion of a work experience.  Internships may or may not grant credit and is not always a paid experience or major related. Click here for more information.
  • Who is eligible for co-op?
    • Co-op is available to all majors at NJIT. Undergraduates must have at least a 2.2 grade point average. Graduate students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0.  For other requirements check the Cooperative Education page.  You can also check with your career advisor or you major department.
  • How do I apply for co-op?
    • Please complete a co-op application online through your CDSlink account.  You will be notified by a staff member of your status.
  • Can I get credit for co-op?
    • Co-op is a course offered by the university and grants additive, degree, or zero credit. 
      Check with your career advisor or major department for their criteria.
  • If I get a co-op job offer, what information should my co-op offer letter contain?
  • What are the co-op course requirements once I have the job?
  • When is the next NJIT career fair?  Can I register ahead of time?
  • What is On Campus Recruitment and how can I apply?

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

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  • How can I post a job?
    •  Click here to login to enter your openings, or create an account. CDSlink is a service provided Career Development Services to our valued employers. This service allows you to register with us on-line, create and maintain your organization's profile and contact information, post jobs and volunteer opportunities, request On-Campus Recruitment dates, and generate targeted resume books.
  • How can I participate in the career fair?

Information provided by this free web services is based entirely on the information provided by the employer/nonprofit agencies. NJIT Career Development Services does not endorse any employers and has not verified the authenticity of any job offers and/or compensation agreement. Participating employers and nonprofit agencies are responsible for being aware of the laws pertaining to their job ads and volunteer opportunities. Candidates are responsible for verifying the information contained in these ads.

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Welcome to CDS

Vision: To have career development become a widely integrated and invaluable component of the university’s overall education delivery and student professional preparation strategies. 

Mission:  Career Development Services is a value–added contributor to the career planning and preparation of NJIT students and graduates. We are dedicated to continually improving our client services and to assuming leadership in the profession of career development.

Our Mission is fulfilled through assisting:

  • Students in gaining a clear understanding of their career options and workplace requirements, in  obtaining experiential learning opportunities in the private and public sectors, in developing job search and interviewing  skills, and obtaining employment upon graduation;
  • Alumni in refining their job search and interviewing skills, career objectives, gaining a clear understanding of their career options and  workplace requirements, and obtaining meaningful employment in a specialty consistent with their education, experience, and personal goals;
  • Faculty/staff in understanding the needs of employers and of the academic preparation and associated skills necessary for graduates, and thus influencing curricula content and academic advisement;
  • Employers in staffing their organizations with qualified students, graduates, and alumni capable of filling their workforce needs, and in developing closer and more effective relationships with university staff;
  • The community in linking students, alumni, faculty, and staff directly to service and civic engagement activities with organizations committed to improving the quality of life for New Jersey residents.
  • New Jersey's economic and workforce development efforts through ready access to a highly skilled workforce, thereby reducing company expenses for new employee recruitment, staffing, and training; facilitating the transfer of technological knowledge to the workplace; and through stimulating the creation of new jobs.

Our Mission is fulfilled through the dedicated efforts of our CDS staff and with generous support from NJIT administration, faculty and staff.

CDS Annual Report

NJIT Salary Report

Salary information for specific graduates​ of NJIT disciplines is available upon request by email at or 973.596.3100





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Top Employers of NJIT Graduates

NJIT's top employers are organizations which consistently hire substantial numbers of full-time graduates and co-ops and interns. We are pleased to list them on this roster!

Top Employers of NJIT


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