Resume Instructions

All categories (Objective, Education, etc.) must be shown in order to have a comprehensive resume. Keep it to one page and do not use a font size lower than 10. Remember, this document is to provide highlights of your accomplishments, not a listing of everything you’ve done. Use the Sample Resume shown as a format along with the following guidelines and examples:

Objective. In one sentence, simply state the type of work that you would like to do. If you have one special interest, state it as a special interest (&with a special interest in Network Administration). Similarly, if you have several interests, state them using the connective word and (&with interests in Programming and Data Base Management). If you have no real preference, identify at least two as general using the word or (&with general interests in Digital Design or Signal Processing).

Education. Include GPA only if 3.0 or greater. If your overall GPA is less than 3.0 and your average in your major is 3.0 or greater (i.e. all E.E. courses), use that instead (i.e. Major GPA: 3.2). Also, list all schools attended after high school and include any Certifications or additional Training Certificates.

Honors/Awards can include Scholarships, Honor Societies, Honor Programs, and Special Awards. They are not limited to college achievements, but can also include any recognition from your community, job, or service organizations.

Key Courses are those which are especially relevant to your Objective, not basic courses taken by all students. If you have a special interest in Networking, and have taken courses in Networking, those courses should be listed by name. Do not include course numbers.

Computer Skills must be included, regardless of your major. Categorize according to Proficient (know very well), Working Knowledge (know well enough to work with), and Familiar (limited knowledge). CIS majors may wish to identify skills categorized by Languages, Operating Systems, Databases, and Applications.

Projects. Although this category is not shown in the Sample Resume, it should be added after Computer Skills only if Work Experience is weak or none. Include Senior Projects, course projects, and/or challenging class assignments. Use the same format (bullets and Action Verbs) for Projects as shown in Work Experience.

Work Experience. Format with bullets as shown. Begin each phrase with an Action Verb, emphasizing special accomplishments. Do not use full sentences or personal pronouns such as I, me, or we.

Professional Affiliations. Include any and all organizations with which you have an affiliation such as IEEE, ASME, NSBE, HOST/SHPE, etc. However, write the full organization name instead of using the initials. List all offices held and positions of leadership, such as President, Secretary, Committee Chairperson, etc.

Hobbies/Interests are simply any activities that you enjoy, such as music, reading, or sports.

Activities may include your participation with organizations in which you have more than just an interest, such as a specific varsity or intramural sport, fraternity, sorority, campus organization, club, etc. Include community/religious affiliated activities as well, and list all leadership positions and offices