Green Jobs

Green jobs offer an exciting range of career paths where you can enjoy interesting and challenging work with excellent training; long-term careers that make a difference to the environment; careers offering good salaries and good progression opportunities; and the opportunity to travel as more countries seek expertise in green.

Green Job Postings on eRecruiting 

NJIT Career Development Services posts green job listings through CDSlink.  These listings are available to all current students and alumni of NJIT.  If you are a student or alumnus and do not have a CDSlink account, please create one:

  • Please go to CDSlink on the homepage.  to create an account.
  • Create account and upload resume using your UCID.
  • Log into your CDSlink account

If you already have a CDSlink account, please follow these steps to access the green job listings:

  • Once you are on the home page, click on “Green Jobs” under “More Searches.”
  • Select “yes” in the “Green Job” box and select your major, degree, work authorization status, and student status to view the green jobs that match your background.


Other Green Jobs

Jobs.greenbiz - A website that lists green jobs in all disciplines. Their tag line is: "Business.  The Environment.  The Bottom Line".

Sustainablebusiness - Green Dream Jobs – the only sustainable business job service. This site provides global news and networking services to help green business grow, covering all sectors: renewable energy, green building, sustainable investing, and organics.

Jobs.greenenergytv - This site lists green jobs from many disciplines.

Jobs.treehugger -’s job board of green jobs. - Leading on-line global careers network. Section especially for green careers with links to advice, news, and scholarships.

Greencollareconomy - Green job postings and informational forums on sustainability. ( This Website might be down)

Greenenergyjobsonline - Job postings in the energy field in many disciplines.

Careerbuilder - Job search resource with green job listings; use keywords "green careers" and select a discipline.

Engineering CENTRAL - Job postings specifically for engineering majors.

Jobs.grist - Job board with e-mail alerts; contains environmental news and commentary.

Idealist - Job postings, blogs, speakers bureau, forums, and other information on sustainability.

Jobmonkey - Provides information on job opportunities for unconventional companies, mostly requiring travel; includes database of employees, job search resources guide, and postings for full time, part time and summer jobs.

Cyber-sierra - Cyber-Sierra's natural resources job search. This site lists links to multiple associations and job boards related to conservation occupations

Environmental - Brings together leading environmental employers with the best candidates to work for a better environment.

Ecoemploy - Covers environmental employment in the USA and Canada, including natural, green and science listings.

Alternative-energy-news - Job posting section of a website that focuses on alternative energy news and information resources about renewable energy technologies.

Earthworks-jobs - Job posting resource for jobs in engineering, the sciences, and related subjects. An online informative portal offering the latest news views and resources on breakthrough green jobs training programs in the Renewable Energy world.

The Complete Guide to Landing a Green Job.