Environmental Science

Students who graduate with a degree in Environmental Science gain well-rounded background in science as it relates to the environment. The program is designed to either prepare graduates for technical positions in the environmental industry or to continue their education in graduate studies. The program also prepares students to pursue an environmental career through the fields of law, business, sociology, health or political science.





Related Career Titles for Environmental Science

Air Quality Engineer




College or University Professor

Civil Engineer


Data Management Specialist



Environmental Engineer

Environmental Quality Analyst


Geotechnical Engineer

Hazardous Waste Technician

High School Teacher


Laboratory Scientist



Military Officer


Process Engineer

Recycling Coordinator

Radioactive Waste Engineer

Safety and Health Inspector

Solid Waste Manager

Technical Writer

Testing Engineer

Project Manager

Wastewater Engineer

Wetlands Ecologist




Industries That Hire Environmental Science Majors

Parks and Outdoor Recreation

High Schools

Colleges and Universities

Environmental Education Centers

Air Quality Management Facilities

Water Quality Management

Communication Companies

Solid Waste Management Facilities

Law Offices

Forest Conservation Centers

Environmental Protection Agency

Engineering Firms

Recycling Centers

Federal Government

State and Local Government

Transportation Services

Wilderness Protection Services

Consulting Firms


Building and Construction Companies

Land Conservation Facilities

Water Conservation Facilities

Publishing Companies

Hazardous Waste Management Facilities




Web Sites for Environmental Science Majors


Eco.org- The Environmental Careers Organization


Ubiquity Environmental Careers Page




Environmental Career Opportunities


E- Jobs



Resources in the Career Resource Center




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