Fine Arts

    A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree helps students to develop visionary talents and provides a foundation for advancement into a visual communication profession in a wide variety of fields. Visual artists generally fall into one of two broad categories: designers or fine artists.  Designers put their artistic skills to use in the service of commercial clients such as corporations, retail stores, advertising, design, or publishing firms.  Fine artists create art to satisfy their need for self-expression, and may display their work in galleries, museums, and homes.  Often, they specialize in one or more forms of art such as painting, sculpting, ceramics, printmaking, or photography.

    The following list contains a representative sample of job titles an Art major could consider.  Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelors' degree. 

*The BFA degree is perfect for pursuit of the MFA degree which would be needed for teaching at a higher level and would provide more career opportunities.

*Fine Arts is also excellent training for pursuing architecture at the graduate level.

Related Career Titles


Advertising Artist

Fashion Artist/Designer

Mural Artist

Antiques Dealer


Gallery Owner

Art Administrator

Ceramic Artist


Art Buyer


Public Relations (museum, art gallery)



Display Artist

Stained Glass Artist


Art Therapist

Art Teacher

Art Conservator



Art Consultant

Greeting Card Artist

Art Critic

Art Dealer

Courtroom Artist

Art Director


Art Exhibition Coordinator

Website Designer

Set Designer/Illustrator

Artist's Agent

Textile Designer

Magazine Designer/Illustrator

Audio Visual Artist/Designer

Medical Illustrator

Billboard Artist

Exhibit Designer

Gallery Curator


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