Science, Technology and Society

The Science, Technology, and Society program explores the foundations and impact of science and technology by examining the values, language, history, politics, and economics of modern technological society. Graduates find employment in such areas as government, corporate planning, public policy, urban development, technology assessment, writing and editing, and environmental planning.


Related Career Titles for Science, Technology, and Society




Park Ranger



Wildlife Manager

Watershed Manager

Range Manager

Environmental Engineer

Waste Management Engineer

Industrial Hygienist

Social Scientist

Policy Analyst


Military Officer

Management Trainee

College/University Professor

High School Teacher


Grant Writer

Environmental Writer

Technical Writer



Market Researcher

Community Relations Specialist

Urban Planner

Planning Director

Resource Manager

Environmental Planner

Transportation Planner


Zoning Representative


Industries That Hire Science, Technology, and Society Majors

Parks and Outdoor Recreation

High Schools

Colleges and Universities

Environmental Education Centers

Air Quality Management Facilities

Water Quality Management

Communication Companies

Solid Waste Management Facilities

Law Offices

Real Estate

Forest Conservation Centers

Environmental Protection Agency

Military Services

Social Services

Land Conservation Facilities

 Water Conservation Facilities

Publishing Companies

Hazardous Waste Management Facilities

Recycling Centers

Urban Planning Centers

Broadcast Media

Federal Government

State and Local Government

Transportation Services

Financial Services

Wilderness Protection Services

Consulting Firms

Transportation Services

Advertising Agencies

Building and Construction Companies


Web Sites for Science, Technology, and Society Majors

American Planning Association

Science, Technology, and Society Links


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