Certificate in Web Systems Development

The Internet and the World Wide Web are the most transformative inventions of our time, and NJIT's graduate certificate in Web Systems Development provides a core set of knowledge and skills to develop Web-based application systems. This certificate provides a foundation and knowledge to allow competition in an ever changing technical world.


Covers an array of topics including information retrieval, multimedia systems, open source web design, web mining, web services, middleware, and authentication, as well a variety of media such as text, images, video, and audio — all to produce a rich, rewarding, dynamic and data-driven web experience. 

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Students in the Web Systems Development Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  • Java programming. 
  • Information retrieval. 
  • Web mining


Jonathan Smitherson

Olsen, George W.

Academic Advisor

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Olsen, George W.
Academic Advisor, College of Computing Sciences
GITC - 3400