How to Apply

  1. Complete the online NJIT Common application ( ) you must check the EOP question.
  2. Contact your high school guidance office and ask to have an official copy of your transcript sent to the NJIT Admissions Office.
  3. Complete the FAFSA. Be sure to make copies of the form before mailing. Keep in mind that it takes several weeks for financial aid to be approved, so be sure to submit your form at least six months before you plan to start college.
  4. If you are a eligible for EOP,  you will receive both  NJIT & EOP offer letters. (Students accepted to NJIT are not automatically accepted to EOP).
  5. If you want to be an EOP student, you must attend the Special EOP Informational Sessions, held 3-4 times in an academic year.
  6. You must have two letters of  recommendations and proof of your income for the preceding tax year, for example, provide a copy of your parents income tax form.
  7. If you meet all academic and financial guidelines set by NJIT and the State and show that you are committed to academic success, you may be accepted as an EOP student.

Remember, there are a limited number of openings in EOP. Please start your application process early.