Address Reporting

Address Reporting Requirement for SEVIS registration       

As required by federal regulations you must provide our office with a physical U.S. address (also known as local address) while you are on an F-1 visa studying at NJIT. International students MUST have at least 2 types of address listed on the Pipeline:

Local address = U.S. address

Permanent address = address in your home country

As an F-1/J-1 visa holder you DO NOT have a permanent address in the U.S. Take a moment now to make any necessary changes to your address in the Pipeline. Make sure your address is entered correctly and it is not set to expire. Without your local address you are at risk of losing your immigration status.

Watch the video below:










Updating your information on the Highlander Pipeline


Go to NJIT’s main page ( and click on MyNJIT.


Enter your UCID and password to log in to the Pipeline, the click LOGIN.


On the main page, you will see the MY PIPELINE tab. Click on UPDATE ADDRESSES AND PHONES link.

(The same PERSONAL INFORMATION tab is found under the STUDENT SERVICES tab.)


From the drop down menu select LOCAL address and click submit.


Enter your U.S. address in the appropriate fields:

You MUST use this exact format:

Address Line 1 – House number + Street name + (Apartment number or residence hall, if needed)

Address Line 2 – Leave it blank

Address Line 3 – Leave blank


For example:


Address Line 1 – 123 Main Street 14b

Address Line 2 – 

Address Line 3 –


Do not forget to enter your city, state and zip code in the appropriate lines!

 On the same form you will be able to enter your local phone number: enter your 3 digit area code under "Area Code" and the remaining 7 digits under "Phone Number". Leave "Extension" blank. 



All these fields are required by the U.S. government.

You are required to update them every time they change.