Bulk Interoffice Mailings

For your use, the Office of University Communications produces News@NJIT. All announcements and notices for the university community should be included in this internal publication. Contact University Communications for further information.

Announcements not being sent to the entire community can be addressed through the Mail Center. The following internal mailing lists are maintained for your convenience:

List -1 Faculty
List -2 Administrators
List -3 Support Staff
List -4 Laboratory Staff
List -5 Physical Plant Staff
List -6 Public Safety Staff
List -7 Mt. Laurel Tech.
List -8 VP’s, Department Heads and #9
List -9 Chairpersons

If you wish to have notices mailed to any of the above lists, please mark your duplicating requisition in the appropriate space. For information regarding the counts on these lists, contact the Mail Center.

List Maintenance

Corrections or additions to the interoffice mailing lists should be made by completing a Personnel Information Form in Human Resources. For deletions, please send a memo directly to the Mail Center.