Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my username and password for this system?
Please use the username and password that you use to log into the NJIT Highlander Pipeline.  Your username is your UCID (which is usually your NJIT email address).

What if I have an emergency?
If you have an urgent situation (e.g. no heat, electric, gas, water; flood or overflow; extreme low or high room temperatures) please contact our Service Desk at 973-596-3123 or Public Safety at 973-596-3111 after normal work hours.

Should I enter multiple requests at one time?
No.  Please enter one request at a time.  You can see your previous requests (and status) on the “My Requests” tab.

What if I do not know what “problem type” to enter in step 3?
Refer to the “craft” list tab on this website.  If you still do not know you can select (?) miscellaneous.

Should I enter a request here if I have trouble with my computer, network or phone line?
No.  This system is for physical plant type maintenance requests only.  Go to for PC or IT type issues

How long of a problem description should I enter?
Please try to keep the description short and to the point.  Sometimes lengthy descriptions become difficult to understand.  You can also submit a picture (or other file) with your request.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…

What if I do not want to get all these status update emails?
You can change this on your “Settings” tab.

What location should I enter?
Please enter the location of the problem or a location that is closest to the problem.  You can always specify more detailed location information in the problem description area.

If I get an email from the system asking me a question, how do I reply?
You should click on the link within the email to reply.  By doing so, the emailed reply will be logged into the system for use and future reference by those monitoring the system.