CPCP Alumni

Long-term Impact of NJIT's Pre-College Programs

NJIT's pre-college programs have a strong track record in addressing the challenge of academically preparing students from poorer families.  Alumni of this program have not only received undergraduate degrees from prestigious universities throughout the US, but have gone on to receive Master's and doctoral degrees in more than 30 scientific disciplines, as well as medical and law degrees.

Over 70% of responding Pre-College alumni that have graduated high school have enrolled in engineering, technology, science, and mathematics undergraduate programs and/or have gone on to careers in those fields.  An average of 75 such students enroll in NJIT each year.


LJ LaBeur Memorial Scholarship Fund

The LJ LaBeur Memorial Scholarship is awarded each summer to one deserving student from the Algebra Preparatory Program in the form of full tuition and fees for attendance to one of the Center for Pre-College Programs Summer Enrichment Programs. LJ LaBeur worked as a teaching assistant in the Algebra Preparatory program at NJIT, a summer project designed to prepare students to successfully complete Algebra I. LJ’s goal in life was to become a teacher. A teacher must have an understanding heart. As a teacher, LJ would have brought that wonderful quality into his classroom. When LJ was working with the Algebra Prep participants, “his kids” as he called them, those who excelled, and those who marched to a different drum, were always welcomed and valued and were all encouraged to achieve. LJ enriched so many lives in his short time with us. He became a favorite among us all, and was loved by all his students and co-workers here at NJIT.

Those who wish to donate money to this fund may do so by sending a check paid to the order of “NJIT” and with “The LJ LaBeur Memorial Scholarship Fund” written in the memo.

Please mail the check to:

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Center for Pre-College Programs
University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102
Attention: Ana Cortina