Education and Training Institute

Under the auspices of the Center for Pre-College Programs (CPCP), the Education and Training Institute (ETI) provides K-12 educators with standards-based lesson plans, pre-engineering curriculum modules and professional development training in order to increase interest and the academic pool of pre-college students prepared to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To accomplish its goal, the professional development programs provide two curricular venues: (a) Integrated Curriculum Modules (ICM), a series of four and eight-day workshops integrating real-world engineering applications into the middle and high school science or mathematics classroom; and (b) Standards-based STEM workshops designed to address the academic needs of K-12 students through a hands-on, inquiry-based instructional strategy of applying problem-solving, engineering design and communication skills to mathematics and science principles.

Integrated Curriculum Modules (ICM)

The Spring/Summer/Fall Institutes for middle and high school educators focus on content and instructional strategies that support the connections between standards-based science and mathematics and real world engineering applications. The Institutes will illustrate the application of physical concepts to engineering activities.

Workshop space is limited to twenty teachers with completed applications and payment on a first come, first served basis. Send all application materials, including workshop payment to:

Center for Pre-College Programs - ETI
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Central Avenue Building, 2nd Floor
University Heights
Newark, New Jersey 07102-1982

For more information, please call the Center at 973-596-6445

Teachers will be eligible for a stipend after full participation in the workshops. Graduate credit is available upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements and payment of graduate tuition (either in-state or out-of-state graduate tuition and fees apply).

Standards-based STEM Workshops

Professional development focusing on the enrichment of science and math curricula demonstrates to teachers how the integration of principles of engineering and design can enhance their students acquisition of skills and knowledge specified by state standards. Connections are made between the concepts used in engineering applications in the modern workplace and standards-based science and math instruction. Participants explore the enhancement of scientific, inquiry-based activities by applying the concepts of engineering design to a problem.

State science content standards describe specific knowledge and skills students are required to demonstrate on state assessments. Our professional development programs help teachers plan standards-based lessons that include the learning expectations of the standards, and assessment of student work in relation to the expectations of the standards. Standards-based lessons must focus on student performances and student products that meet the learning expectations of the standards. This process will allow teachers to write and implement standards-based lesson plans that can utilize high interest, hands-on curriculum materials, and include the assessment and documentation of students' achievement of the standards in these lessons. The programs provides participants with new planning tools for their own use.

Professional development opportunities are offered face-to-face through summer institutes and programs during the school year, both at NJIT and at school/district sites, and electronically through the Web.

Leaders of Learners in STEM

Brochure for Workshops at Your School or District

Brochure for Professional Development Workshops

NJIT is registered with the New Jersey Department of Education as a Professional Development Provider.