MS Thesis Supervised


1. Sadia Munir, Analysis of Relationship between Software Metrics and Process Models, January 2005.

    (Co-Advisors: Vassilka Kirova and F. Deek)


2. Vishal Khubani, Electronic Marketplaces and their Role in the Staffing Industry: An Explorative Analysis,

    May 2004. (Co-Advisors: Bartel Van de Walle and F. Deek)


3. Robert Friedman, Intramural, Collaborative Learning Systems, October 2002. (Advisor: F. Deek)


4. Idania Espinosa, An Evolving Approach to Problem Solving and Program Development: A Distributed

    Learning Model, May 2002. (Advisor: F. Deek)


5. Christopher Bladek, A Review and Assessment of Novice Learning Tools for Problem Solving and

    Program Development, January 2002. (Advisor: F. Deek)


6. Carlo Ciulla, Development and Characterization of Techniques for Neuro-Imaging Registration, May 2000.

    (Advisor: F. Deek)