To:   Academic Community

From:   Donald H. Sebastian

Date:   Friday, May 1, 2009

RE:   Academic Integrity at NJIT

Over the course of the last year the NJIT Administration has been working very closely with the Student Senate to enhance and improve our NJIT Honor Code. To continue stressing the importance of academic integrity the CAA and the NJIT Faculty have approved the Student Senate’s recommendations developed from the findings of the Institute Taskforce on the Honor Code. 

The approved document, “University Code on Academic Integrity”, is currently in effect for all professors from this semester onward. One of the more important revisions is that should a student fail a course due to a violation of academic integrity, they will be assigned the grade of “XF” rather than the “F” and this designation will remain permanently on their transcript. 

I encourage all students to look over the improved document and understand the changes. As finals approach, I hope that all students will uphold the integrity of this institution by reporting any violation of academic integrity to the Office of the Dean of Students.  The identity of the student filing the report will be kept anonymous. In addition, I am optimistic that the new system will ease the reporting process for our NJIT faculty.

NJIT will continue to educate top tier students that are academically sound and are self-disciplined to uphold expected standards of professional integrity.  NJIT will continue to adapt its policies and procedures to make clear that academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at this institution.