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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Placement Testing

Do I need to take the placement test?

Transfer students who do not receive transfer credits for the first year courses in Humanities/English (HUM 101) and/or mathematics (Pre-Calculus or Calculus) are required to take the placement test. (All international students are required to take the English placement test before being placed into HUM 101.)  No calculator usage on the math placement test.

How do I register for the placement test?

You need to contact the Center for Student Success - Placement Testing at (973) 596-8389 or email: to schedule a placement test.

How long is the placement test?

The English placement test (Criterion) is approximately 1 hour, and you will have to write two essays on selected topics.The math placement test (Maplesoft) is approximately 2 hours and is divided into three sections: Basic Algebra (25 problems), Advance Algebra (25 problems) and Trigonometry (30 problems). No calculator usage on the math placement test.

Is it necessary to prepare for the placement test?

Since the placement test is used to determine the level of the course in which you will need to register, we strongly recommend that you prepare. We provide practice questions and answers for the math placement test as well as a sample test and sample test placement calculator. There are no study materials for the English placement test. 

When will I receive my test results?

Within 5-10 business days via e-mail.

If I receive extra time on exams at my current/previous school, how do I receive the same accommodations on the placement test?

You need to contact Ms. Chantonette Lyles, Assistant Director of Disability Support Services at (973) 596-5417 or to make arrangements for accommodation during the placement test. (Registration for testing accommodations is by appointment only.)

What if I fail my placement test?

The placement test is not a pass/fail exam. Your results determine the course in which you will be placed. If you believe that your initial placement test scores are not representative of your mathematical capabilities and level, you may request a one-time retake of the math placement test. Retaking the English placement test is at the discretion of the Humanities Department and you should contact them at: (973) 596-3269 or if you have problems or concerns with your course placement.

Can I be exempt from taking the placement test?

Transfer students who have taken the Advanced Placement Exam (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) course during high school and meet NJIT's criteria are eligible to be exempt from taking the placement test.  Also, transfer students who submit SAT/ACT scores to Admission and the scores meet the English criteria, he/she is eligible for exemption from taking the English placement test and will be placed into HUM 101. For more information, please contact Ms. Margo Gilchrist at (973) 596-8389 or email

If I am eligible to receive advanced placement course credits, where do I send my results?

You should request that your AP results from the College Board and/or IB certificate be sent to New Jersey Institute of Technology, Office of Registrar, University Heights, Newark New Jersey 07102.  If you have taken a course in high school that was affiliated with a college/university, you need to have an official transcript sent from that college/university to the Registrar as well.

What does my course placement mean?

Course placements in math and English are determined by the results of your placement tests and/or advance course credit. Your course placement lets you know in which course you should register.